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Birthdate:Mar 18
Leela was an outcast warrior of the Sevateem tribe when she met the Doctor. Years ago, her ancestors' spaceship landed on a distant planet with the intent of colonizing it. However, under the influence of a malfunctioning supercomputer called Xoanon, they regressed culturally, mentally, and technologically into two separate tribes: the Sevateem (descended from the survey team) and the Tesh (descended from the technicians). Yeah, that last bit is kind of the Doctor's fault. He made things right in the end, though.

Despite (or perhaps because of) her savage upbringing, Leela is smart, resourceful, and possesses an untameable spirit. Despite never having been exposed to alien planets or technology before, she thinks critically and learns quickly in her travels with the Doctor. Also, she can kill you with a knife. Or a janis thorn. Or a crossbow. Or anything else she can get her hands on.

Contact post is here.

Leela is a character from the television series Doctor Who and as such is property of the British Broadcasting Corporation. She is being used here strictly for roleplaying purposes and no profit is being made off her whatsoever.
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