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It had happened quickly - too quickly for her to react, or even fully process. K-9 had been bickering with the Doctor about the dimensional stabilizers (the Doctor, as usual, insisted that there couldn't possibly be anything wrong). Then, all at once...

A flash of light. A crack of thunder, a jolt of electricity surging from her bones down to her fingers as the blast threw her clear of the TARDIS doors. And above all else a strange, dizzy sensation, a kind of lightness, swirling through her head and through her body as she fell, and fell, and fell through the Time Vortex, to where, to when, she could not possibly know.

Strange, she thought, the further she fell the lighter she seemed to feel. She had always assumed that the Vortex would tear her apart limb from limb, but there was something oddly pleasant about this feeling. Like a pair of invisible hands, gently pressing against her, massaging her, lifting the burden from within and without. As she drifted out of consciousness, she took some comfort in the notion that soon all her burdens would be lifted...


She does not expect to awaken, but awaken she does. She knows her surroundings long before she opens her eyes; a warrior of the Sevateem can recognize a forest when she smells it. She wiggles her extremities, carefully testing her mobility. No broken bones or spinal trauma of any kind. She has been very fortunate.

Finally, she stands up and begins to survey her surroundings. She is standing near the edge of a very large forest indeed - above her stretches a vast, bushy canopy, stemming from a mere four or five enormous trunks on the jungle floor. She sees a red and black insect-like creature crawling up the nearest stem - about four or five times the size of the horta of her own homeworld. About fifteen paces to her right is a clearing of sorts - a massive field covered in reedy, thick-bladed green weeds, about knee high. From the sharp, pungent smell and its uniform length, she can tell this field has recently been cut and cleared. This planet must be inhabited, then.

The Doctor would come looking for her soon, she knew. But until then, she needed to get to some semblance of civilization. Even a Sevateem cannot survive in strange woods forever. She turns and makes her way toward the clearing.

Leela cups her hands over her brow as she emerges directly in the path of the sun's glare, blinking heavily as she slowly adjusts to the full light of day. The blinding light makes it difficult to fully discern the sight that greets her. But even if she could, who could - or would want to - make sense of it?

In front of her an enormous yellow flower, nearly as tall as she is, rises from a green stalk. In the distance she can make out some kind of tall monument - a great stone fountain, at least a hundred feet tall. And further...a giant fence of some sort? Leela blinks again, turning away from the direct sunlight. She feels an unease just beneath recognition. There is something strange about this place...but also something familiar. She rests one hand against the stalk of the giant flower.

And then, the recognition - she has seen this flower before, or one very much like it. When she and the Doctor had visited Earth they were everywhere. But none could ever grow this large. What could have happened? Did this mean...?

The sound of rustling grass startles her out of her reveries. Before she can turn around, she finds herself struck by the impact of a large, furry beast's enormous claws...
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Your name or online alias: maruhkati, aka BBQ Platypus ([personal profile] bbq_platypus
Your email: [REDACTED]
Another preferred means of contact: [REDACTED])
Character's Full Name: Leela
Character's Canon: Doctor Who
Character's Journal Name: [personal profile] janisthorn
What would you like your character's tag to be?: Leela (Doctor Who)

Answer the following questions in no less than 300 words but no greater than 1000 words put together...

Character's background (their past and present): Leela was an outcast warrior of the Sevateem tribe when she met the Doctor. Years ago, her ancestors' spaceship landed on a distant planet with the intent of colonizing it. However, under the influence of a malfunctioning supercomputer called Xoanon, they regressed culturally, mentally, and technologically into two separate tribes: the Sevateem (descended from the survey team) and the Tesh (descended from the technicians). Yeah, that last bit is kind of the Doctor's fault. In the end, he made things right, and after forcing herself onto his ship, she became her newest traveling companion.

At the point in canon I am bringing her in from, she has been traveling with the Doctor for some months. They have faced many adversaries, and Leela has seen far more of the universe than she ever could have dreamed existed in her days as a member of her tribe. She's coming in at some nebulous point between The Invisible Enemy and The Invasion of Time. This means that she has met K9 and had her eyes scorched blue, but has not yet left the TARDIS and departed for Gallifrey to elope with Blando McTightpants.

Character's personality: As a lifelong warrior and product of a harsh environment, Leela is strong and hardened to the horrors of the universe. She will not scream or cry or crack under pressure, and she will kill when necessary. But she is not cruel, heartless, or without morals - she far more than just a blunt instrument. And despite (or perhaps because of) her savage upbringing, Leela is smart, resourceful, and possesses an untameable spirit. Despite never having been exposed to alien planets or technology before, she thinks critically and learns quickly in her travels with the Doctor. While she will initially be flummoxed by her surroundings on the Enterprise, she will adapt and adjust quickly. She may be ignorant of many things, but she is not stupid.

Character's skills/abilities/powers: Leela is a warrior of the Sevateem. She is in excellent physical condition and has been trained to fight since she was able to walk. In combat, she is at least a match for anyone without superhero-level strength, and even then, her janis thorns can serve as a great equalizer.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.: She's bringing a knife, a blowgun, and a sack of deadly janis thorns. Janis thorns are unbelievably lethal - they paralyze almost instantly and kill within minutes. She uses them as darts for her blowgun.

Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?: No, she's coming in fresh. Every pup she knows there either has a different mun or is coming in fresh themselves, so I don't see much point. Plus it'd break her heart to want to talk to Sariel Rager but not have her be there.

Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them? Because I've had fun playing her elsewhere, and it will be even more fun playing her with multiple Doctors and companions to throw up against. She'll also be quite useful on away missions.

Writing Sample #1:

Right here.

Writing Sample #2 (optional):

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The console room is dark and empty when Leela steps into it. The Doctor is nowhere to be found, and the only light remaining is the flickering static display of the viewscreen, dimly illuminating a room overgrown with weeds. Even the time rotor is choked with janis thorns, its transparent aluminum casing punctured by the hungry, twisting vines.

Leela takes a tentative step forward. Dead leaves crunch beneath her feet. She knows these plants - they are the flora of her own world. Some of these plants take months to grow this high.

She takes another step - this one makes a different sound, a softer, muffled one. She looks down. On the floor beside her is a dried smear of pale red liquid. Next to it, beneath her foot, is a torn scrap of multicolored cloth.

The Doctor.

The viewscreen emits a blast of static noise. Leela looks up. The static is gone now, replaced by a symbol: a crossed-out circle, crudely drawn in coal black. And then another sound - a deep, resonant chime that echoes throughout the chamber. The Cloister Bell.

Leela dashes across the control room and down the nearest corridor. Its walls are marked by the same symbol shown on the viewscreen, drawn in the same crusty pale red substance she had found beside the piece of the Doctor's scarf. She takes a hard left at a T intersection -

Leela is running through the forest just beyond the limits of her village. She bounds over and between trees, never stopping. Keeping up with the diggers and bark-skippers of the forest had always required speed. This hunt is no different.

As she ducks beneath a low-hanging branch, she emerges to see a face she had not expected to see again. Standing before her is a child - no older than three years - dressed in the rough vestments of the Sevateem, with a tiny scabbard strapped to her hip. Just as she had looked when...

In her left hand, she is holding a tattered piece of multicolored cloth. Her right hand is raised, beckoning to Leela.


Leela's dead sister runs off in the other direction.


Leela takes off after her. Yet as fast as Leela runs, the child always seems faster. It's all Leela can do to keep her in sight. Finally, she follows her into a clearing.

Leela blinks as the full light of day hits her eyes. Would that her eyes had never opened.

The girl is gone. At the center of the clearing is a single chute of razorwood, growing straight through a man's body. Through both hearts.

His body is limp, contorted into obscene angles by wrapping vines whose thorns pierce what little remains of his decaying flesh. The corpse is unidentifiable save for the tattered remains of his scarf and the matted clumps of curly hair that stick to his shredded scalp. A small pack of horda have discovered him, and are ripping through his sticky viscera and sinewy tendons.

Leela backs away, averting her eyes. Yet before she can escape the wretched sight, a vine extends from the razorwood and snaps at her ankle, sending her falling backwards.

More vines emerge from the depths of the earth, wrapping the prone Leela's limbs in an anaconda's grip. She struggles in vain against her bonds - it only makes their hold on her stronger.

There's a figure leaning over her now - tall, thin, faceless. She knows it well. It stares without eyes, peering into Leela's soul as it tightens its grip on her, holding her still as the horda descend upon her, their hungry mouths open wide...

Leela awakens with a scream. She is in her chambers, in the TARDIS. There is no sign of vines, or of...him...anywhere. It is as bright and clean as it always is.

Yet she does not feel safe. This was far more lucid than any dream - this was something more. This was an attack. She didn't merely see it - she felt its presence, in the way it stared at her with its not-eyes. The thing she had seen in the bar was after her - after her mind. And it knows what deaths she fears more than her own.

When the Doctor comes asking to ask what the matter is, she is unable to say.
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Leela ran as fast as she could out of the sanctum. She couldn't believe it. They couldn't possibly think she was suitable for that. How could they?

With Xoanon repaired and the Tesh and the Sevateem now free to live together in peace, the future of her world was as bright as ever, thanks to the Doctor. But the time had come to choose a leader - and neither Gentek nor the bloody-minded Caleb could agree on who would receive that honor. Caleb seemed to think the position was his by right, while Gentek refused to be subjected to the rule of a savage.

But then Tomas - Tomas, of all people - had suggested that, since she had spoken to Xoanon, she would be the perfect candidate! She had bristled at authority since the day she was born. She would surely hate the job. And besides, she was too unreasonable - surely the Doctor could tell them that!

But the Doctor had gone. And now she was running after him, blaster in hand, into the forest. She could see him unlocking the door to the TARDIS as she finally caught up to him.


The Doctor stopped and turned around.

"Leela!" he said, taking a few steps closer to her. "What are you doing here?"

"I...thought you might need an escort," she said, gesturing with her gun. "The creatures are still out here."

"Oh, you don't need that, Leela. The phantoms were merely projections of Xoanon's disturbed subconscious. He's better now."

Leela smiled slightly. "I suppose you're always right about everything."

The Doctor returned the smile. "Invariably, invariably. Goodbye."

He turned back and began making his way back toward the TARDIS.

"Take me with you!"

The Doctor froze in his tracks. He certainly hadn't been expecting that. "Why?"

"What?" Her brow furrowed as she fumbled for a response. "Well...you like me, don't you?"

"Well, yes, I suppose I do like you. But then, I like lots of people but I can't go carting them around the universe with me. Goodbye."

Leela's jaw clenched as the Doctor turned back once again. She would not be denied so easily. She knew full well that a life of managing the bloated egos of Gentek and Caleb would never suit her, even if the men themselves didn't know it. More importantly, she had seen too many of the people of the universe to turn down an opportunity to see the worlds they came from. She wanted to see all of it - the past, the future, the stars she had looked at through the canopies of the trees as a child, the strange woman who claimed to know her in the future. Everything and everywhere and everywhen. It was an opportunity she would never have again. And it was going to take a lot more than a little word like "no" to stop her from taking it.

She sprinted past the Doctor, threw open the doors of the TARDIS, and ran inside.

"Come out of there," the Doctor said firmly. "Out."

Leela lurched toward the console as the Doctor entered behind her.

"Don't touch that! Don't -"

Too late. Leela pulled the dematerialization lever. With a wheezing, groaning, VWORP, the TARDIS heaved itself into the vortex.

Next stop, everywhere.


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